Accelerate your Photogrammetry Process

Upload your aerial datasets and generate high-quality outputs at unprecedented processing speeds

Preimage is a fully-managed cloud photogrammetry application

Drone photogrammetry is pivotal in the functioning and decision-making of several businesses in various industries. However, most software tools being used today are time-consuming, expensive, and resource intensive. We are building Preimage as a new-age drone photogrammetry solution to alleviate these problems and meet the growing demands of the industry.

How Preimage is different?

Accurate Outputs

Focus your resources on analyzing outputs by saving time and effort on manual corrections

Superfast Processing

Get your aerial data processed in minutes rather than hours allowing you to take decisions quickly

Elastic Capacity

Process multiple large datasets simultaneously without ever running into processing bottleneck

What can you do with Preimage?

From Point Clouds

Classify your 3D point cloud and generate digital surface & terrain models (DSM/DTM)

No installation necessary. Simply upload your RGB point clouds on our web application and get accurate outputs in minutes!

From Aerial Images

Upload aerial images from your drone flights and generate survey-grade 3D models (point cloud, mesh, DSM/DTM and orthomosaic) right from your web browser.

Learn how we do it

At the heart of our software lies a sophisticated AI engine that is trained on terabytes of data to generate and analyze 3D geometries. This intelligence allows it to process images and 3D datasets with phenomenal accuracy. It runs on our custom-designed cloud infrastructure where every ounce of compute resource is utilized to its full capacity.